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Laughter Yoga at World of Learning Conference and Exhibition 2012

This year we will be joining Pearl Catchers again at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition 2012

Laughter Yoga at the World of Learning exhibition

Curly Steve Patterson Laughing at The NEC

Pearl Catchers specialise in experiential and drama based learning.

Cornwall Laughter Club enjoy collaborating with Pearl Catchers to provide Laughter Yoga Workshops, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings and Silent and Laughter retreats.

We will be at the Conference helping to create emotionally intelligent and successful people, teams and organisations using accelerated learning and transformational play. We will be show casing Laughter Yoga, Mojo Aerobics, coaching and Packtypes® profiling.

Now in its 20th year, the World of Learning is set to showcase the latest developments in L&D in everything from e-learning and mobile learning, as well as live workshops, one-to-one consultations, free seminars and its renowned annual conference.

Click here to find out more about the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition.

Laughter Yoga at WOMAD Festival 2012

Following our extremely successful Laughter Yoga sessions last year, we are very excited to be invited back to The World Of Music, Art and Dance (WOMAD) festival this year. The festival is at Charlton Park, Marmesbury. 27th-29th July 2012.
Come along and join us.

Click here to find out more about WOMAD festival.

Cornwall Laughter Club ~ Laughter yoga at WOMAD

Cornwall Laughter Club ~ Laughter yoga at WOMAD


The benefits of laughter include: Stress reduction, Releases endorphins (Natural happy chemical), Boosts the immune system, Cardio vascular exercise, Aerobic exercise, Increased circulation, Develop social skills, Develop emotional intelligence, Cathartic or psychological and emotional release, Improve social connection, Makes you feel happy, Relaxation, Reduce stress related hormones, Increase metabolism, Increased concentration, Increased motivation, Break down barriers, Breakdown inhibitions, Improve communications, Great team building, Resist disease, Improves respiration, Improves circulation, Tones muscles, Inner body workout, Encourages positive thinking, Promotes creativity, Releases tension, Promotes wellbeing, Feel good factor, It makes you smile, It’s a language everyone knows, You can do it alone, You can do it with as many as you want, It can easily made into a lifelong practice, Introduces fresh oxygen to the body and brain, Re-kindles childlike playfulness, Stimulates the mind and body